With the most up to date equipment and technology, Tobey Asphalt Paving Inc. is ready to take on the most demanding excavation projects you can dig up.  Over 6 decades of experience has equipped us to handle a wide range of paving and excavation projects from private homeowner needs to local government work.


Whether you are clearing a site for your new main office, or putting in a new pool for your family, our excavation and paving experts are up for the job. We will make sure it is done right and up to your standards as well as up to governmental codes.


Our team is ready for anything you can throw at us, including cost effective paving and excavation for:

Site Clearing & Grading

As your business grows, your space requirements do too. Our experienced team has the knowledge and equipment necessary to level the land and prepare your site to fit your specific needs. We know the perfect angle slope for your roadway shoulder as well as exact depth and location for your ditch. We are willing to move heaven and earth in order to make sure your job is done right.

Road Construction & Parking Lot Installations

If you want to drive foot traffic to your business, you will need to prepare for vehicle traffic as well. We have the excavation and paving equipment and knowledge required for just such a job. We determine the perfect width and slope for your needs as well as the perfect pavement markings for your roads and parking lots. We can help your business go places by giving your customers a place to go.

Demolition Projects & Construction Projects

If you are taking on a huge project, we can help you plan. Our top of the line equipment can handle a wide variety of site work to prepare you for a massive takedown or a complicated build up.

Retaining Walls

When it comes to the use of your land, you want things moving in the right direction. That’s why we consider every angle in order to construct the perfect retaining wall for your land’s needs. Our paving experts know how to counteract the pressures of land shifts due to drainage, gravity, or everyday use. Our retaining wall construction abilities can turn your hillside into a work of art.

Drainage & Basin Repairs 

If you are looking to put in a pond, we can do that for you.  But if a pond forms without your permission, that’s a different story. While a well regulated drainage system can keep your lawn and garden looking healthy, a poorly maintained drainage system can cause unwanted puddles, serious flooding, or worse. Since we recognize the importance of directing your rainwater runoff properly, we are prepared to build or repair your catch basin safely and appropriately.

Water & Storm Piping

When preparing a site for a construction project, we keep up to date on any applicable government regulations related to water and storm pipes. No matter what size or type, our piping experts are experienced with repairing and installing pipes properly and up to code. If you have any water or storm piping needs, lay it on us.